Friday, August 26, 2011

The posterless election

A friend on FB has posed this query: "With little more than 2 weeks to go for Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) elections, there are no fancy posters or stylish portfolios this year. Has DUSU elections lost its glamour?"


Not really. It is all about glamour redefined.

'Glamour through posters' did not have universal admiration as it came to be perceived as a passive form that never really told the truth about any candidate. The weathered torn forms were no art form to be encouraged. The defaced walls and the tattered clutter on the footpaths left everyone aghast. Could mere posters have ever debated any concerns of any students was what everyone asked.

On the other hand, no posters means candidates will need to have a powerful image that will be carved out of what they demonstrate by their courage when they speak out, talk, debate issues by meeting potential voters.

This sounds MORE GLLAMOROUS, doesn't it?

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