Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Man, Woman, and Poetry!

There is an intrinsic spiritual connection between a man, woman, and poetry. I came across a few quotes trying to crack the mystery that woman is and some wanting to dive deeper into the man-woman relationship. To my surprise I found they held in their folds some spicy, tangy, and zingy lessons for men as well as poets. Poetry, as I understand it, figures out mysteries rather fast, women love figures (not always their own) and man expectedly sums up his thesis in a couple of mumbled words like ‘That figures!’

I figure you’ve figured what we’re getting into. If you haven’t, let me clarify that even if you read on there aren’t going to be any solutions offered, no titillating mysteries uncovered and no spiritual peaks achieved. Well, these seven quotes could have lying between them one of the many ways to write poetry. I just want the art of poetry writing to get spread more because poets, I believe, tend to be powerful but harmless mortals who are a tiniest bit nearer God than most of others. However, this isn’t all. You read on and I bet you’ll understand women better…

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